It’s almost here!!!!

It’s so close I can taste it!!! ANTIDOTE, our newly expanded wellness center is opening on Monday, June 20th!!!! The contractors are hurrying to finish up the massage rooms. The shower in the infrared sauna looks spectacular. You will love the new lux look- a little swanky, a little zen…

We are upgrading your detox experience. Our service menu went on steroids (natural ones of course). ANTIDOTE is all about being part of the solution to getting the junk in your body -OUT!!!!

You already see us for your colonic’s – so I will fill you in on the rest:

I’m beyond excited for the infrared sauna (and can we say thank goodness to the shower so we aren’t stinky afterwards!) And did I say it can burn up to 600 calories per 1/2 hour session, and sweat out crazy amounts of toxins.

The massage therapists are building their menu for you- you will be in exceptional hands. Literally!

The Vibrational Platform is fabulous for Lymphatic Detox’s-get all the good stuff to your cells and get the junk out even faster for better health. Not to mention an astonishing quick comprehensive work out- for all of us who are limited on time.

There’s so much more to say- I will keep you in the loop!

Warm Regards from Tricia and the Staff at ANTIDOTE

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Time for a cleanse???

Oh, it’s that time of year again. We maybe you had too much fun through the holidays, maybe just too much stress from life, or maybe you have put our health on the backburner again. No Worries! If your ready for a natural liver and colon cleanse- you know where we are! I love doing a cleanse, it makes everything inside feel better. My liver says buh-bye to all of its toxins, my holiday treat induced sluggish colon stops with the bloat. It helps me get back to that ever persistent New Years Resolve to be detox the body and be healthier. I tend to follow Dr. Mark Hymans 10 Day Protocol for my diet, I couple that with 3 colonics/coffee enemas. A colonic or colon hydrotherapy treatment is one of the best detoxifiers that you can get, couple that with a coffee enema for your liver cleanse and bam- your back in the game! Healthy Diet + Colonic + Coffee Enema = Happy Natural Detox. Lets use this month of January to come in and get back on track. January’s special: $5 off each coffee enema after a colonic.

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