It’s almost here!!!!

It’s so close I can taste it!!! ANTIDOTE, our newly expanded wellness center is opening on Monday, June 20th!!!! The contractors are hurrying to finish up the massage rooms. The shower in the infrared sauna looks spectacular. You will love the new lux look- a little swanky, a little zen…

We are upgrading your detox experience. Our service menu went on steroids (natural ones of course). ANTIDOTE is all about being part of the solution to getting the junk in your body -OUT!!!!

You already see us for your colonic’s – so I will fill you in on the rest:

I’m beyond excited for the infrared sauna (and can we say thank goodness to the shower so we aren’t stinky afterwards!) And did I say it can burn up to 600 calories per 1/2 hour session, and sweat out crazy amounts of toxins.

The massage therapists are building their menu for you- you will be in exceptional hands. Literally!

The Vibrational Platform is fabulous for Lymphatic Detox’s-get all the good stuff to your cells and get the junk out even faster for better health. Not to mention an astonishing quick comprehensive work out- for all of us who are limited on time.

There’s so much more to say- I will keep you in the loop!

Warm Regards from Tricia and the Staff at ANTIDOTE

rock to right

Headed towards the Holidays!

Can you believe how time is flying! Lots more changes are occurring here at CHS! The biggest is bringing on our Massage Therapist Deneen! She is amazing if I do say so myself. I have personally been using Deneen for the last 3 years for Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral Sessions and of course Deep Tissue Massages. She truly is gifted in her knowledge and sense of mishaps within the musculature of the body. It is a blast being in the lobby when people come out of a session with her- they all come out shaking their head wondering how she found the spot in their neck or hips when no other practitioner has had that ability. My favorite sessions with her are called “Healing Touch”- it works on the energy within the body. Sounds crazy I know, but as a busy mom of 3, business owner, student and wife- my brain never stops. Ever. Truly- Ever. These sessions have finally allowed that hamster wheel in the head to take a 60 minute break, and help make the stress go away. Try a session- I promise you will love it! In the holiday spirit, we are offering a 60 Minute Massage Gift Card for you to give the gift of Wellness to your friends and family. Our very special Holiday Pricing is $65- this is a $10 savings.  The gift card comes wrapped in a box with holiday colors and greenery and a bow.

We will soon be offering more services as well- stay tuned for those updates! Please enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family! Good will to all!


What Happened to Summer???

It’s been so beautiful out! I am in love with this fall weather, however it makes me sad that summer weather is rapidly ending. When that dread of the upcoming winter creeps in, I reminisce about activities we participated in during the lovely sun infused days- it helps me realize summer did last more than one blink of an eye (at least that’s what I’ve been told!) I thought I would recap with you some of the exciting activities that we have participated in here at CHS this summer!!

Our most exciting event was that I was asked to present to a team of Dr’s, Nurse Practitioners and Therapists at the Waukesha Memorial Pro Circle Health Women’s Health Department, educating them on the wonderful world of colonics! Yes, I know nobody gets quite as enthusiastic as Elaine and I do about colonics! This was a great time to build a relationship into Western Medicine. We had a lovely morning of exploring how colonics and probiotics could help many of their clients. The Dr’s loved our Quintestinal Probiotic Blend as much as we do!

Our next adventure was being asked to team up with Dr. Jeff Wells, a chiropractor out of Lindenhurst, Illinois. He passionately believes in colonics as part of a healthy lifestyle, and recommends a series to all of his patients, especially his Chirothin Clientele. Speaking of Chirothin, ask me how it’s going! I jumped into the program with both feet- I’ll post more about that soon! 


Our final adventure of summer was the decision to bring on a Massage Therapist to CHS to provide Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massages, Cranial Sacral Massage and absolutely amazing Healing Touch Sessions. More info to come out very soon! So I guess I will say adios to summer officially…It’s time to say hello fall!